Born into a middle class white family in the suburbs, Kilvington knows about the struggles that so many people face today. Faced with the stereotypical problems like a loving family, food, shelter and education, Kilvington worked hard and made his own way and has made sure he can always stand on his own two feet, or failing that, one of his and one of Centrelink's... or maybe both of Centrelink's. Never looking back, asking why or trying to improve himself, Kilvington's lyrics will literally melt your face. That's how you use literally right?

With a debut EP in the works, Kilvington has unleashed his first single and music video on the world. Honey in My Hive is a song with heart and sole (or is it the other won?) and no matter how hard you've had it, this song reminds you that it could always be worse. Check out the Honey in My Hive video clip below.